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About DPI Asia

DPI Asia is the Asia-Pacific arm of the worldwide network Decision Processes International 

DPI is a global management consulting and human capital development firm specializing in critical thinking processes that help organizations transform the way they conduct their business.

DPI's tailored services and training programs enable its clients to consistently out-think, out-pace and out-manoeuvre the marketplace to achieve strategic supremacy and distinct relevance.

Image by Patrick Perkins

The DPI Critical Thinking Processes that make this a reality are:

A Strategic Thinking Process

that empowers the CEO and his or her management team to formulate a strategy and translate it into an easy-to-understand strategic profile that will set the organization apart in the sandbox that it has chosen to play in, and establish the pathway to strategic supremacy and distinct relevance. DPI's Strategic Thinking Process is widely regarded as the most rigorous yet very time efficient methodology there is.

A Strategy Execution Framework

that provides the governance, processes, skills and discipline necessary to realize an organization's future strategic profile in the shortest possible time.

A Strategic Product Innovation Process

that makes the creation and deployment of new products and services a repeatable practice. Together with its derivative processes that deliver new ideas and concepts on business model, management practice and process innovation, an organization is able to keep its innovation pipeline filled and dictate the pace of innovation in its chosen sandbox.

A Suite of Situation Management Processes​

that provide individuals and teams with tools to quickly evaluate and effectively resolve complex, and every day situations to provide both bottom-line and strategic impact.

What sets us apart?

Our clients tell us that there are at least four things that set us apart.

The first thing that sets us apart is that we are a very focused firm. Even though most of our partners and associates are seasoned executives who have "been there, done that", we do not pretend for a second that we excel in areas beyond the application of our proprietary critical thinking concepts and processes. In other words, we bring the Process, the questions, and you bring the Content. Together, we co-create Strategy that is distinctly yours to own.

The second thing that sets us apart is that we are totally results or outcomes anchored. If we are uncertain about – or cannot agree on – the deliverables; if we find that the work you are asking us to do may go against our Credo; if we find that this is not the right time for us to be working together, we will tell you so in all sincerity.

Third, the DPI Professionals who meet with you during the sales process are the same ones who would work with you during the entirety of the assignment. We do not practice the "finder-minder-grinder" approach that many firms practice.

The fourth thing that sets us apart is that we empower our clients and take a truly partnership approach so that they have learnt from having engaged us. We believe that the best and most lasting solutions are those that result in the client not having to call us back for the same exact assignment other than to train new people who have not had the benefit of working with us.

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