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Strategic Meeting Facilitation

If you are organizing a strategic meeting that will debate the future direction of your organization, questions like these will be at the top of your mind:
  • How can we avoid "Motherhood Mission Statements" to deliver tangible and executable outcomes?
  • How can we prevent a "NATO"** meeting to drive real commitment to decisions made?​
  • How can we ensure full participation and real debate as opposed to endless sleep-inducing presentations?​

To ensure a successful strategic meeting you need a proven process that fosters constructive debate and results in clear, tangible outcomes. A process that will also ensure the total commitment of those responsible for implementing the decisions is obtained.


A facilitator who solely directs traffic in a general discussion is not sufficient. Nor do you require some "expert" who claims to know more about your business than you do and is, therefore "qualified" to tell you what to do.


You require a facilitator who is equipped with a process with a proven track record of success. You need a process that extracts and synthesizes the best thinking from the managers present, many of whom will be responsible for driving implementation. Widely accepted as the most rigorous and time-efficient strategic decision-making process in the market, DPI's Strategic Thinking Process, delivered by internal or external facilitators, is the solution thousands of organizations across the globe and in Asia have selected.


DPI Asia also facilitates shorter, more focused meetings that can be a short as ½-day. Read more about our other Facilitation Services .



** For those unfamiliar the alternative meaning of this well-known acronym, NATO = "No Action, Talk Only"

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