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Other Facilitation Services

High-impact facilitation engagements we've undertaken include:​
  • 1-day review of the Future Business Arena facing a client over the next 12-18 months, consensus on the major implications of the trends observed, and the critical issues that must be addressed​
  • 1½-day workshop to identify synergies and leverage among the Business Models of four units of a newly merged division, and develop action plans to resolve the associated Critical Issues​
  • 1-day identification of specific and actionable cost-cutting measures
  • 1 day generation of game-changing ideas to improve business value for a key client in a growth market.​
  • Scenario development and deliberation for strategic pivot of programmes during the COVID-19 pandemic

Whether you call them off-sites, huddles, work sessions, or simply meetings, there will be numerous times when you bring together key personnel with specific objectives in mind. Perhaps to wrestle with complex issues such as the selection of a location for a new plant, an acquisition target, or the hiring of a key individual. Often, even when the expected outcome is agreed, objectives are not realized because there isn't a clear path or process that will be followed, leaving room for personal biases, positional influence, emotion etc to come to the fore.


Suppose you get a team together to make a decision to "Select which new products to offer to the marketplace this quarter". Each team member will have their own perspective, in terms of the products to offer, their rationale and the process by which the decision will be made. The result? You spend most of your meeting discussing how to make a decision or go straight into arguing why your own pet favorites are the best.

Another major cause of "difficult meetings" is the ambiguous nature of business jargon. For example, do you and your colleagues have a clear understanding of everyday business terms such as strategy, business model or problem? It's no wonder our meetings and discussions lack the productivity we wish they had!


An experienced DPI Facilitator, equipped with proven critical thinking processes, can dramatically enhance the effectiveness of your meetings. 

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