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Our Clients

At DPI, we pride ourselves in choosing our clients as carefully as our clients choose us. We commit ourselves to ensure that the difference that we have made to our clients will endure into subsequent stages of their life cycle. In over four decades that we have been in Asia, we have worked hard to build up a client list that we are proud to talk about; of course, within the boundaries of our Non-Disclosure Agreements. From the 3-man outfit that had one machine when it began its business life to Social Service Agencies,  national sports associations (NSAs) to government-linked companies (GLCs) and multi-national corporations (MNCs), we have made a positive difference to their well being.

Image by Mario Gogh

Here is a representative list of our Asian clients:

A Client's Transformation through Strategy Change

​From Cardboard Boxes To Supply-Chain Management

Teckwah not only weathered radical shifts in their environment but actually leveraged those changes to create new prosperity by consciously and deliberately changing its strategic DNA
– not once, but twice!

Transformation #1: 

Teckwah changed its Driving Force from Capacity-driven to Market-driven.

From card box printing in a manufacturing-based economy, Teckwah strategically focused on a niche market to become a “complete supply-chain management services provider” to the IT industry.

Transformation #2: 

Teckwah changed its Driving Force from Market-driven to Capability-driven.

Teckwah's expertise in sophisticated supply-chain management in the IT industry enabled them to enhance the range of services offered, build turn-key capabilities and serve new markets, driving profitability.

“We could have engaged a consultant from our industry, but we chose DPI. DPI's tools are applicable to all industries. The DPI process emphasizes changing the rules and controlling your sandbox. This intrigued us very much, and we have done just that."

Mr. Thomas Chua

Chairman & MD

Teckwah Industrial Corporation

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