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Strategic Thinking Process

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A clear, well-articulated strategy defines the corporate mission for those charged with carrying it out.

Unfortunately, in most companies, the strategy resides solely in the head of the CEO or in a leather-bound report that sits on the shelf collecting dust. As management attempts to implement the strategy, the organization zigzags from event to event, lacking clear direction. The company loses momentum. Resources are wasted.

That is why DPI developed the Strategic Thinking Process℠. Strategic Thinking is not strategic planning.

Traditional approaches to strategic planning produce thick and complex reports that are often poorly understood and difficult to implement. 


Strategic Thinking is a living, breathing process that enables senior management to formulate a strategy together. To debate the key issues. Evaluate the internal and external environments the organization will face. Forge a meaningful strategic profile for the future of the company that all agree upon and own. And build an action plan to deploy the strategy effectively.

DPI's Strategic Thinking Process℠ enables senior managers to:


  • Gain "ownership" of the strategy

  • Communicate the strategic direction to the troops

  • Allocate resources and evaluate opportunities according to a clear "strategic filter"

  • Effectively deploy the strategy in a timely manner


The immediate result is a concise strategy that is clearly understood and supported by those who will make it happen. It also creates another, even more far-reaching effect – a management team that can think and act strategically, make decisions aligned to the strategic direction and objectives every day, using corporate resources, time and energies effectively.

In corporate "war rooms" around the world, we worked closely with and observed the thought processes of skilled strategic thinkers — CEOs of successful major companies — to create the Strategic Thinking Process℠. We have invested more than forty years in codifying and refining it through real-world implementation. Its effectiveness has been thoroughly proven in practice, through our work with hundreds of well-known companies such as 3M Castrol, Caterpillar, DHL, Lee Kum Kee, Prudential, Singapore Airport Terminal Services, Singapore Technologies Kinetics, Motorola, CapitaLand, Teckwah, Singapore Industries Furniture Council, to name but a few.


The process is powerful. The results are real and measurable and are rapidly putting the Thinking before the Planning, to make planning and execution better.

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