Strategic Thinking Process

For Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations (NPOs), unlike for-profit entities, tend to take on a life of their own and just exist and exist and exist even though many of them have outlived their original purpose for which they were founded, or are in urgent need of reinventing themselves in order to stay relevant to the rapidly changing societal needs.


Besides, recent developments such as changes to the legislative framework and the growth of international philanthropic groups have put pressure on NPO Boards and Management to be more transparent and accountable with regard to governance, direction and program outcomes in relation to the funds that they have been given.


The need for Strategic Thinking in NPOs has never been greater! Hence DPI has developed the Strategic Thinking Process for Non-Profits.

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Since its launch in early 2007, close to 50 NPO Boards & Management have adopted the process to forge new and shared strategic profiles for the future of their NPOs. Some of these NPOs include:

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Helping NPOs achieve Distinct Relevance, which is about "fulfilling an unmet need in a manner that's different AND changes the overall landscape in a positive way"

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Distinct Relevance

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Strategic Thinking Process - Getting to Distinct Relevance

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Strategic Thinking Process

Strategic Thinking Process For Non-Profits

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