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Situation Management

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As any parent knows, getting a child to consistently do the "daily necessities" of showering, brushing teeth etc is no easy task. Even then, does the child really do a thorough job or just put on the act of having done so when the parent is watching? The same can be said of the managers in your organization when it comes to the robustness of the day-to-day critical thinking they practice. Rush jobs, fire-fighting and "putting on appearances" are facts of corporate life.

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But this doesn't have to be the case. If it's possible to adopt a process for expense claims, hiring, capital expenditure, etc. why not do the same for the fundamental thought processes required to rapidly address the situations managers encounter?​ The need to think is the basic unit of work. If you believe this to be true, and given the increasing complexity of business, why leave the quality of thinking in your organization to chance?​

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With DPI's Situation Management Framework℠, you don't need to! Centred on the operational aspects of day-to-day thinking, it allows practitioners to manage situations in a rapid, robust and confident manner, and in a way that supports the strategic priorities of the organization.  Situation Management moves beyond the activity orientation of other problem-solving & decision-making programs. It offers a truly holistic framework for managing situations. There is an essential but subtle difference. The essence of day-to-day management is the effective resolution of situations, of which decision-making and problem-solving skills form only a part. For example, hundreds of decisions, large and small, are made by people throughout your organisation every day. Many are "good" decisions – they support your company's strategy effectively. Yet many do not take into account your strategic direction, fail to consider all available information, are not reflective of the trends facing your industry, or overlook downstream implications. 

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DPI's Situation Management Framework℠ provides your people with a set of common processes, complete with underlying tools and language. It enables them to rapidly and objectively channel and evaluate relevant information, in order to initiate decisive actions that resolve situations for good, first time, every time.

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Situation Management

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