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A Picture-perfect Strategy for Execution?

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

We are living in a time of ever decreasing attention spans. Picture this - we have done our strategic review and formulated a crisp and clear strategy blueprint. It has all the words on why we exist/ what we exist to do, how we do, where we will focus, what success looks like, how we will measure, where the gaps are today.

Don't get a us wrong! We come from the school that an explicit written strategy is still fundamental. Words convey how we think but some of us think in pictures. In a day and age where software makes infographics templated, click-and-drag/ plug-and-play, it goes some way in helping us translate and communicate what is written into a picture that all can keep in our minds to guide strategic priorities, decision-making, and down-the-line actions for effective strategy execution.

We share one with you here. Come up with your own, something uniquely meaningful to you or your organisation, something that can rally the troops - and have fun in the process! All the best!

For tools and frameworks for effective strategy execution, monitoring progress, and addressing day-to-day situations & fallouts, problems, and decision-making, register to join us on 14 September for a 1-day online workshop and share & learn with fellow non-profit professionals. Or email Amelia to explore how we can support you.


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