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The Strategy to Execution Leap

Updated: Jul 3

Do we do what we believe in or

do we do what we are funded for?

Does this capture the dilemma "How do you best develop strategy that is ambitious (quantum leap) while keeping it realistic to execute, allocate resource and operationalise?"

As we work to bridge Strategy to execution, DPI works with teams to navigate what looks like Boardroom ambition with ground implementation and delivery of results, "saying and doing". Our observation? Status quo is needed in some instances e.g. to 'put food on the table' meanwhile, or to see that clients are not 'dropped'. Change requires some leap of faith, new mindsets, skills and ways of working but brings the kind of challenge that breathes new life, buzz and breakthroughs. In the beginning, it is especially important to work fast, realise real results and benefits and celebrate these first successes!

Join us and other sector professionals on this journey of mutual learning and gain momentum for strategy translation and activation!

Trainer Andrew Sng is founder and MD of DPI Asia. Over the past 20 years, he has led in taking DPI’s suite of strategic and critical thinking processes into non-profits and social services to serve over 70 organisations, building capacities and transformation towards greater impact.


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