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Strategic Thinking Process

Strategic Thinking Process

(For Non-Profits)

A process that empowers the CEO and his or her management team to formulate a strategy and translate it into an easy-to-understand [and execute] strategic profile that will set the organisation apart in the sandbox that it has chosen to play in, and establish the pathway to strategic supremacy. DPI's Strategy Thinking Process is widely regarded as the most rigorous yet very time efficient methodology there is.
Non-profit organisations (NPOs), unlike for-profit entitles, tend to take on a life of their own and just exist and exist and exist though many of them have outlived their original purpose for which they were founded, or are in urgent need of reinventing themselves in order to stay relevant to the rapidly changing societal needs. 
Besides, recent developments such as changes to the legislative framework and the growth of international philanthropic groups have put pressure on NPO Boards and Management to be more transparent and accountable with regard to governance, direction and program outcomes in relation to the funds that they have been given. The need for Strategic Thinking in NPOs has never been greater.
Hence, DPI has developed the Strategic Thinking Process for Non-Profits. 

Strategy Execution Framework

A strategy that provides the governance, processes, skills and discipline necessary to realise an organisation's strategic profile in the shortest possible time.

Strategic Product Innovation

A process that makes the creation and deployment of new products and services a repeatable practice. Together with its derivative processes that deliver new ideas and concepts on process, business model and management practice innovation, and organisation is able to keep its innovation pipeline filled and dictate the pace of innovation in its chosen sandbox.

Situation Management

process that provides individuals and teams with tools to quickly evaluate and effectively resolve complex, and every day, situations to provide both bottom-line and strategic impact.









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