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Strategic Meeting Facilitation

To ensure a successful strategic meeting, you need a proven process that fosters constructive debate and results in clear, tangible outcomes. A process that will also ensure the total commitment of those responsible for implementing the decisions is obtained.

Problem Solving & Troubleshooting


Decision Making

Speaking Engagements

Other Meeting Facilitation

Effective problem-solving is essential for effective management. Yet for many, it is a frustrating hit-and-miss affair characterised by guesswork, hoping for the best or brute force. Why so? It's the lack of a repeatable, systematic problem-solving process. 
Decision-making is something too important to be left to chance, gut feel or wishing. The fact is that we all make decisions, and many of these decisions will be good ones that deliver positive outcomes. Other decisions will be bad and a few, perhaps, an unmitigated disaster. What's needed is a suite of "How To" decision-making processes that help you leverage your experience and domain expertise to maximise the percentage of good decisions made.
DPI Partners are available to conduct engaging talks on a variety of subjects related to our expertise in critical thinking processes. Whether it is regarding operational and/or strategic decision making, we can work with you to deliver anything from 1-hour "lunch and learn" sessions to full-day Executive Overviews.
Attendees remark that our talks are engaging, pragmatic and relevant, with numerous real-life examples and practical takeaways that will make a difference to their work and personal lives.
An experienced DPI Facilitator, equipped with proven critical thinking processes, can dramatically enhance the effectiveness of your meetings.

All of our Pure & Simple™ critical thinking processes are available via a variety of means. Like the Chinese Medicine Man who blends different ingredients to develop a specific herbal remedy for each client, DPI Partners are skilled practitioners in unbundling our processes and their underlying concepts. The result: a tailored solution that exactly meets your needs. Our only "must" criteria – we must be convinced that the approach will meet the mutually agreed objectives.

Typical engagement approaches include:

Engaging Us​

Consulting Projects


Where DPI's role is to leverage our processes to help you and your people develop solutions to the particular concerns you face

Application-based Workshops

Skill-Building Programs


A hands-on approach to transfer our processes to your people



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