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Strategic (Human) Thinking in the Age of Gen AI

Updated: Jun 21

AI has taken the world by storm, impacting many industries and jobs. Its full might continues to be seen. Has and can Strategic Thinking use the help of AI? Absolutely yes! AI augments but the human creates, makes judgements and takes responsibility.

Business as usual is unfit for the future.

Extrapolative planning has its place but is inadequate. We need a unifying, agile and proven process to gain clarity of thinking that is rooted in "evidence" - which AI can help with - to guide strategy formulation, reviews, operationalisation and execution in order to ensure that we are distinctly relevant for the future.

Over the past 40 years, the DPI Strategic Thinking framework and process has evolved and continues to be a trusted methodology that leadership teams use to ensure that their organisation are relevant to the times, that their business model sets them apart to achieved the desired results in a sustainable manner.

Here's our invitation for you to check it out for yourselves! Sign up here.


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