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Fail to Plan. Plan to Fail.

How many times have we heard this old adage? We're not advocating 'death by planning', but if we don't take the time to think and plan with some rigour, we may have to take the time to fail and plan again.

Strategy execution is about leadership will and example, and effective planning, implementation, tracking and evaluation. In our planning of key result areas, key steps, target dates etc. do we examine the critical steps to ensure that our thinking has been thorough? Here's something we at DPI use religiously for our own planning and a methodology we teach in our training and apply in our projects with clients. If it helps you, please feel free to use it!

If it speaks to your need, join us on 14 September for our FINAL RUN of Strategy Execution applied workshop - for a framework for effective planning, situation management, decision-making, and problem analysis. More details below! Register here.


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