#8 What Now, What Next?

Updated: May 31

The new normal seems to be here to stay.

How do we continue to stay the course, stay relevant to those we serve, and to new needs that seem here to stay? Or stand in the gap while systems catch up?

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, and as we remain steadfast in our services, there is need to twin this with continual reflection - on the clarity of our strategy through the line in our organisation, the formulation of our plans that stay one step ahead of needs and that guide resource allocation, and the disciplined practices that will move us forward as rubber hits the road.

Here's what post-pivoting next steps could look like.

For a deeper reflection and assessment on the clarity of our strategy, the rigour of our formulation process and implementation framework, join us for our Strategy Assessment workshops designed especially for Non-profits, in collaboration with the Social Service Institute. Here's more info on our next run!

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